Our mission is to keep your body temperature at 98.6°F. Our skilled staff are here to provide more services to manage your health's progress because we're all about more doctor from your pharmacist. Here are some services that we can provide to you.


We offer convenient FREE local deliveries to your home at no additional cost to you. Delivery services are offered daily except on Sundays.

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Med To‐Go Pak is personalized medicine made easy. Our pharmacists package routine medications in convenient packages for daily administration to help you stay adherent. Simply take each medication at the time noted on each package.

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Protect yourself and your family. Whether you need protection from the annual flu or looking to protect yourself from pneumonia, our immunization certified pharmacists are here to help. Contact us for vaccination screenings and get up to date on all your immunization needs.

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PrEP is a new medication to prevent HIV infection in non‐infected individuals at high risk for infection. Simply take one pill a day to lower your chances of becoming infected.

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Keeping your health and wellness is our top priority and your pets are no different. We offer personalized medications to help your pet stay healthy year round.  These are the drugs that we offer and many more.

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  • Cholesterol
  • Strep
  • Blood Pressure
  • HBa1c
  • Influenza
  • Covid Antibodies
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Other Services
  • Medication Synchronization
  • Online Refills
  • Mobile App
  • On-Site Health Screenings
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM)